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    The Ministry of Transport has invested EUR150,000 in the system of harbourmasters’ offices

    The Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure has invested EUR150,000 in improvement of the system of harbourmasters’ offices and procurement of new boats in the past four years, Assistant to the Ministry in charge of water transportation Veljko Kovacevic has stated today.

    „Last year we reconstructed entire facilities of the Harbourmaster’s Office Smederevo and Kladovo, and this year we will continue with Harbourmaster’s Offices Veliko Gradiste and Prahovo,“ he has said to journalists following visit to Harbourmaster’s Office Belgrade.

    Kovacevic has said that internal refurbishment of that office will commence once external works on the building is complete, along with the promenade, and hydro-meteorological stations will be introduced in the following period that should enable easier management in problematic traffic situations.

    „A significant investment cycle has been launched in the water transport which encompasses more than EUR200 million, and refers to ports, regulation of waterways and river information systems, which are one of the key elements for traffic safety,“ Kovacevic has said.

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