The implementation of lex specialis on "Swiss loans”

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    The implementation of lex specialis on “Swiss loans”

    Banks in Serbia are resolving the issues with housing loans indexed in Swiss francs in full accordance with the Law on Conversion, the Association of Serbian Banks has announced. “At this moment, banks are carrying out a complex procedure of calculating new loan conditions, in accordance with the law, and this process, depending on number of clients, last differently, depending on the bank. Because of that, certain banks sent conversion offers as soon as last week, while others will do this in the following days, certainly within the stipulated 30-day deadline,” the statement said. As explained, each bank will offer an interest rate that client would receive in that bank on March 31st this year, in the offer for conversion of loans indexed in Swiss francs. In case that bank offered loans in euros with higher interest rate on that day, it will implement an interest rate stipulated by the Law on Conversion, which is 3.4 percent. In order to complete conversion without queues, banks are scheduling appointments and proposing subsidiaries in which client can complete the process. “These appointments have the sole purpose of making conversion efficient and in the best interest of client, and in no way should they be interpreted as client’s obligation to respond to the offer before legally stipulated deadline,” the Association of Banks has pointed out.

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