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    The French will officially take over the Belgrade airport in the upcoming weeks

    French Ambassador Frederic Mondoloni has said that as far as the concession for Nikola Tesla Airport is concerned, everything is going according to the plan and contract, B92 reports.

    „Everything is going according to the contract signed in March and the official takeover will take place in the coming weeks as stipulated by the contract,“ Mondoloni told Prva TV.

    According to him, the landfill project in Vinca is also very important, and it will also be implemented by a French company.

    „We hope to work on the metro,“ Mondoloni said.

    In March, the Serbian government signed a concession contract for Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport with the French company Vinci Airports for the period of 25 years.

    The total nominal value of this transaction is about EUR 1.46 billion, and it includes a one-off fee, minimum annual concession fees and capital investments.

    The concession contract for the period of 25 years includes financing, management, maintenance, expansion and upgrading of the existing airport terminal and the take-off/landing runway.

    Vinci Airports offered a one-off concession fee of EUR 501 million. The payment will be made through a dividend as follows: EUR 417 million to the Republic of Serbia and EUR 84 million to small shareholders.

    Izvor: B92

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