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    The first ever BMW XM in Belgrade premiered

    In the wake of the 50th anniversary celebration of the M department, BMW unveiled the first ever BMW XM model, which had its premier in Belgrade today. This is the second unique M model, after the famous BMW M1, which saw the light of day in 1978.

    The first BMW M High Performance drive plug in high-performance hybrid comes in an exclusive and extravagant design with powerful proportions and contours, but also with a new interpretation of the appearance of the front based on luxury cars from the BMW range.

    The first ever BMW XM has split headlights, a gold front-mask frame with illumination and large front air intakes, as well as 21-inch wheels in the standard equipment package (up to 23-inch wheels can be ordered).

    The exterior has several elements that have similarities to the legendary BMW M1 sports car and they are characterized by wide side mouldings, as well as two BMW engraved signs on the rear window. On the rear of the car there is a completely flat glass, as well as exclusively designed exhaust pipes.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: BMW

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