The agreement is reached: raspberries rose in price

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    The agreement is reached: raspberries rose in price

    President of the Association of Raspberry Farmers of Serbia, Dobrivoje Radovic, has said that at the meeting of the representatives of this Association with Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimovic, it was agreed to immediately continue with the purchase of raspberries and that bulk purchasers would return the price from RSD 50 and RSD 80 per kilogram to RSD 125.

    The meeting in Belgrade was urgently scheduled after raspberry farmers announced that they would start protesting by driving cars across Serbia, due to a halt in the purchase of this fruit in southern Serbia and low purchase prices that dropped from RSD 125 to RSD 50 and RSD 80 per kilogram a month ago.

    “We agreed that the cold-storage facilities in the south of Serbia would be emptied and the raspberries would be transferred to the cold-storage facilities in Sabac and Sombor in order to free up the capacities and continue with the purchase,” Radovic said after the meeting that was also attended by Rasim Ljajic, Minister of Trade.

    According to him, the third request of the Association of Raspberry Farmers is “that the bulk purchasers honour the purchase contract and that, once they sign it, they cannot unilaterally cancel the purchase”.

    He said that the raspberry farmers had asked the representatives of the Government not to allow excessive import of raspberries to Serbia. Radovic pointed out that they had also requested the investigation into “who deliberately stopped the purchase of raspberries” with the explanation that the cold-storage facilities were full.

    “About 75 percent of the capacity of the cold-storage facilities is empty and that is not a reason to cancel the purchase,” Radovic said.

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