Terminating contracts with operators will be less ‘painful’ in the future

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    Terminating contracts with operators will be less ‘painful’ in the future

    The Ministry of Trade has adopted a decision ordering a change in the business terms, which will allow users not to be obliged to pay any longer for subscriptions until the expiration of the contractual obligation.

    Mobile and landline telephony operators will no longer be able to charge penalties for early termination of a contract with a user and they will have to change general business conditions. This will also apply to cable TV and internet providers in Serbia.

    According to the recently adopted decision of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, the practice so far that customers often complained about was unjust, according to the Consumer Protection Act. Users who have terminated contracts with operators for whatever reason have so far had to pay the remaining instalments even though services have not been provided to them.

    It could thus happen that someone who, two months after signing a two-year contract, decided to change the operator, was obliged to pay as many as 22 remaining monthly subscriptions. Apart from practically punishing the users, the operators also tried to thus bind them to themselves.

    Izvor: Politika

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