"Technological innovation is the only possible ally in the time upon us"

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    “Technological innovation is the only possible ally in the time upon us”

    The current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic has forced many managers to think outside the box, as well as to solve business challenges easier with the help of technology. Under BIZLife organization, the first #BIZColegium was held at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Belgrade City Centre, with a special focus on marketing, communications and innovation. One of the interlocutors at #BIZKolegijum was Milan Vujovic, Director of the Department for Advertising and Corporate Communication at Samsung Electronics.

    How do you rate communication (or lack of it) during corona pandemic?

    The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for authentic, continuous and empathetic brand communication that puts the individual first, whether this is a user, employee or one of the many partners in the long value chain. More than ever before, conversations are conducted on digital channels (where the attention of the audience is), which is why companies have even more decisively focused their communication efforts on the digital sphere, using new formats to inform, educate and entertain their target groups. Providers of the most famous online communication platforms around the world confirm that the traffic generated this way exploded due to a pandemic, and in business systems, including ours as well, the flow of information today is unthinkable without relying on software solutions for online collaborations. Samsung, as a global leader in technology industry, strives to respond to new circumstances with innovative technological solutions that offer the highest security of information flow and make everyday operations easier.

    Did innovations help?

    Absolutely. There is no doubt that new technological solutions and innovations based on online services have significantly eased the situation in which companies find themselves, but for the entire society as well. Meetings have been easily held online for some time, and this year we had the first presentations of Samsung products at virtual events, relying on the latest audio-visual technologies, in order to convey all aspects of new devices to the public as truthfully as possible.

    Regardless of further development of the situation and the very end of the coronavirus pandemic, technological innovations are the only possible ally in the 21st century, and that ally taught us that many aspects of business can be realized in the equally good way, if not better, via the Internet. Samsung continues to make full use of the power of innovations, in order to provide customers with what they deserve – only the best.

    When it comes to technological innovation, can you single out a Samsung device that you are particularly proud of this year?

    If I had to choose, among the many devices this year that push boundaries of the user experience, it would certainly be the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Our latest flip smartphone represents an unprecedented innovation on the market. What first attracts people’s attention is the design of this model, elegant hinged mechanism and its two screens – large internal, foldable and external, which occupies the entire half of the front of this phone. However, what sets this model apart are the innovations created to ensure easy multitasking, thus the Galaxy Z Fold 2 combines functions of a phone and tablet and allows multiple applications to run in parallel on separate parts of the same, foldable screen.

    The very design of the device itself gives users the opportunity to place the phone with the screen unfolded at a 90-degree angle and view the content on one of the streaming services on the top half of the screen, while on the bottom they can respond to email.

    What awaits us in 2021?

    New challenges await us, but also new opportunities. The end of pandemic is uncertain, but it is clear that companies that want to survive in the new normality must show even greater agility in transforming the means of production, sales, distribution chain functioning, as well as communication with customers. Samsung managed to record significant growth this year as well, due to the rapid adaptation to new circumstances and development of products that respond to changes in users’ habits. Global statistics show that consumers and businesses have adopted the so-called digital-first model of behaviour and functioning in just eight weeks, which would, in regular circumstances, occur in the next five years. In addition to the fact that another difficult year awaits us when it comes to business, I believe that we will see even more decisive steps towards digital transformation.

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