Tabakovic: Fluctuations on our market resistant to disturbances from abroad

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    Tabakovic: Fluctuations on our market resistant to disturbances from abroad

    Data that since beginning of the year we have purchased a billion euros in order to keep dinar from strengthening too much perhaps best illustrates fluctuations of an exchange rate and movements on the foreign exchange market, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia Jorgovanka Tabakovic stated in her interview with the “Vecernje novosti” daily.

    She explains that, with stability of domestic currency being relatively secured, we also secured guarantee that NBS will have means to keep that stability despite eventual disturbances which might arise from the international environment.

    “You know that circumstances in the international environment also influence exchange rate movements, aside from factors from the domestic environment. Even though such circumstances have been pretty turbulent in the previous period, thus weakening currencies of certain countries, even countries of the region, fluctuations on our market have been largely resistant to disturbances from abroad. That is the result of growing indicators and perspectives of domestic economy, and therefore higher trust by foreign investors related to investments in Serbia,” Tabakovic said.

    Tabakovic says that the process of privatization of “Komercijalna banka” is ongoing. “The activities in preparation of the bank for privatization are under jurisdiction of bank management, i.e. its shareholders, and in accordance with shareholders’ agreement the plan is to sell shareholding package in their ownership,” she says, adding that when it comes to sale of “Telenor banka” no formal request for acquiring ownership has been submitted so far, but “we are informed that existing shareholders are working on selling the ownership.”

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Beta, Milan Obradović

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