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    STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Our citizen with a successful business in New York about approach to life

    Filip Bajovic is a man who does not like to be publically exposed. He has had a successful business in New York for over a quarter of a century, but still remains a man in the shadow. During our interview with Filip we talked about success and what it looks like to be successful, on which you will be able to read tomorrow when we publish the entire interview from our „BIZLife“ magazine. Until then, we leave you with this thought: “We all get up in the morning and have enough reason to be frowned upon and in a bad mood. Someone is angry with his wife, someone was let down by her husband, someone’s cat run away and someone has not received salary on time. Lots of people are focused on the wrong things. If our children are healthy, if we still love each other, if we are getting ready for work and not for doctor’s appointment that is more than enough reason to wake up with a smile on our faces and be positive. On one occasion a very close friend of mine told me that he always remembers me with a smile on my face and full of energy. I have always thought about the positive things that are happening to me and I hope I will be privileged to continue with such life approach.”

    Izvor: BIZLife magazin

    Foto: BIZLife/Sanda Mokanić

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