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    State „changed its mind“: Citizens will NOT pay an ecological fee

    The Serbian government has amended the recently adopted regulation on criteria for determining activities that have an adverse impact on the environment, thus Serbian citizens will not pay an ecological tax of RSD 1,200 per household per year after all, which was the original idea. As announced by the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, the Government has amended the regulation by deleting article four, which foreseen this levy on natural persons as of January 1st, 2020, the „Tanjug“ agency received confirmation from the Government. This means that based on the amended regulation citizens will not be treated as environmental pollutants. The Prime Minister said on Saturday there was „no way“ that citizens would be paying a lump sum of around RSD 100 a month or RSD 1,200 a year for the ecological tax as of 2020. The Serbian government adopted a new regulation in early December that stipulates fees for environmental pollutants, as the previous one did not produce expected results. It is a regulation by which the Serbian government has established criteria by which activities that have a negative impact on the environment will be determined and fees for legal entities, entrepreneurs, as well as citizens – owners of housing units will be charged. All economic entities, in accordance with their activity, are divided into three groups, i.e. according to how they affect the environmental pollution – those who have a large, medium and small impact on nature. The largest polluters, or large legal entities, will pay a maximum compensation of two million dinars a year. The lowest fees due to the smallest impact on environmental pollution will be paid by micro enterprises, i.e. RSD 5,000.

    Izvor: RTS, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay

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