Signed: The first line via "Belgrade Waterfront", subway without train driver

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    Signed: The first line via “Belgrade Waterfront”, subway without train driver

    The Memorandum of Understanding for the “Belgrade Metro” project was signed today by the Serbian Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, representatives of the City of Belgrade, the French group “Alstom”, the French company “Egis Rail” and the Chinese “Powerchina”.

    Mali said that there are a large number of activities in the preparation of the construction of the subway that are not seen on daily basis, saying that a plan of detailed regulation of Makisko polje, where the works should start by the end of the year, has been adopted.

    It was also agreed that the French will do the delivery of trains and electromechanical subsystems, that is, the subway equipment, and “Powerchina” will do the construction works, that is, the infrastructure facilities.

    The Belgrade subway will be state of the art, fully automated, without a train driver, and during the construction the most modern tunnel machines, i.e. “moles” will be used – it was said on that occasion.

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