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    Shale is another valuable resource of Serbia

    In addition to human resources, Serbia has another raw material that can be considered a valuable resource and that is shale, claims Austrian Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Norbert Hofer.

    „The most valuable raw material we have is people and the will to go towards progress for our own benefit and the benefit of Europe,“ Hofer said in Belgrade after he signed a Memorandum on Cooperation in the field of innovation with Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development, Nenad Popovic.

    „Our countries are not rich in oil, but owing to research, we are bringing the country’s development to the top level, and that is the path we should take,“ Hofer said.

    According to him, Serbia has another raw material that can be considered a valuable resource, which is oil shale.

    Hofer pointed out that the „Memorandum will have a key significance for technological development“, and that, south of Austria, he met the best engineers here, while Popovic sees the Memorandum as „an additional driving force“ for the cooperation of Serbian companies with Austrian firms.

    He added that Serbian and Austrian companies could cooperate on the markets of the USA, Russia, China and African countries. As he said, Serbia will have huge benefits from cooperation and Austrian companies will benefit greatly from „outstanding Serbian engineers and innovative companies“.

    Izvor: Danas, Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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