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    Serbian basketball player opened a hotel in Divcibare, Aleksandar Vucic is first guest (PHOTO)

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said at the opening of the Teodosic brothers’ private hotel „Crni vrh“ in Divcibare that state also helped a little with funding. During his visit to the hotel Vucic said „that state also helped a little with funding and it is also looking for other ways to help“. „Milos Teodosic has invested a lot here in Serbia and I am grateful and proud of what the Teodosic family did for its country, as they could have invested money anywhere else in the world“, Vucic said. He said that Serbia had taken it upon itself to complete the road from Krcmar to Divcibare, it would help with telecommunications and sewage infrastructure and it would construct a grassy terrain. He added that the Serbian Football Federation would also help, and Dejan Stankovic promised to bring the Red Star football players to Divcibare, so that they do not have to travel to Slovenia because, as he said, there is nothing more prettier than this here, in the heart of Sumadija region. Vucic said that state is helping domestic investors as well, and that this is the 10th hotel owned by domestic investors that they are aiding.

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