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    Serbia in eyes of the European Investment Bank: There is a lot of progress, but…

    Dubravka Negre, Head of the Representation of the European Investment Bank for Western Balkans, says that a lot of progress has been made in Serbia in recent years, but there is still work to be done on legal security for investors, restructuring of public enterprises, increase in total investments – both public and private, and reaching an investment rating, N1 reports.

    When asked how Serbia managed to tackle challenges following the economic crisis, Negre says that results of 2018 indicate that it tackled them well. She points out that it is apparent that lots of record-breaking results have been achieved on macroeconomic plan, fiscal consolidation, stabilization of the financial sector and increase in foreign direct investments.

    Those are all good indicators, Negre states, but she points out that the most important reformation process Serbia has begun in the last ten years is actually negotiation process with the EU. Opening and closing of chapters is something that has a reflection on the economy, on security that is then apparent to investors, she says.

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