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    Serbia has surplus gas

    Serbia has a surplus of gas, people have been saving, the power industry generates electricity from coal, and not from gas, said director of Srbijagas, Dusan Bajatovic.

    Serbia has a surplus of gas because we had good long-term contracts, the power industry is doing well and it generates electricity from coal, not gas, so we decided to store it in Banski Dvor, where supplies will reach 750 cubic millimeters, Bajatovic said.

    He told TV Pink that supplies remained in warehouses leased in Hungary and that the lease was extended and paid for for one more year.

    Serbia will have reserves between 800 and 900 million cubic meters of gas, Bajatovic said, stating that Serbia needed about 1.6 billion cubic meters for one season, including consumption.

    We will make sure that we do not spend any reserves until the moment we have to, Bajatovic said.

    He announced that Srbijagas would build its own company in Budapest, and there was an idea of the Bulgarian government to regionally agree on a strategic purchase of gas for all.

    This is not easy to solve because everyone is looking to protect themselves, but this is the first time that this is being discussed in the region, said the director of Srbijagas.

    Izvor: 021, FoNet

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