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    Serbia completed the „Turkish Stream“, but this is currently MEANINGLESS

    The director of „Srbijagas“, Dusan Bajatovic has stated that work on 400 kilometres of the Turkish Stream pipeline through Serbia has been completed, and it remains for Bulgaria to do its part of the job. While having a guest appearance at Radio-Television Serbia, Bajatovic has said that work on the pipeline from Bulgaria to the border with Hungary has been completed, and it remains for Bulgaria to do its part, but that certain problems exist there. It is planned that the first 308 kilometres to Serbia are completed by May next year, and everything should be finished by 2022, Bajatovic has said. He has emphasized that the „Turkish Stream“ is a commercial project and all capacities have already been completely sold out. According to the director of „Srbijagas“, sufficient quantities of gas are secured for the winter by additional purchases from certain European countries. Bajatovic has stated that „Srbijagas“ has secured sufficient amount of that energy-generating product for the winter as it has purchased additional quantities from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, and shipment from Ukraine is expected as well, thus „safety of gas supply is absolute“. According to him, 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas are consumed annually in Serbia, thanks to industrial consumers, which is good for gross domestic product.

    Izvor: RTS, agencije

    Foto: Pixabay

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