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    Russians interested in Block 18 across the „Belgrade Waterfront“

    Russian investment fund „Marera Properties“ is interested in building a business centre in Block 18, on the left bank of the Sava River, located across the „Belgrade Waterfront“, the „Politika“ daily reports.

    „We own half a hectare in Novi Beograd based Block and we are extremely interested in development of that area. That should be a new part of the capital with more than 350,000 square metres, in which the centre of business events of this part of Europe would be situated,“ „Marera Properties“ stated for the „Politika“ daily.

    The newspaper reports that investment of the capital in Belgrade’s riverbank will be discussed once Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Serbia.

    The City Administration stated that Block 18 might become a home for all bodies of the Serbian government and Belgrade Assembly with secretariats. This way, the „Politika“ daily reports, Belgrade and Serbia would receive state-of-the-art and the most functional work conditions, without spending money from the budget.

    If negotiations between the Serbian state officials and Russia on development of the Block 18 are fruitful, „Marera“ might open a construction site as soon as next year, provided that it wants to use ideas of architects who won the survey competition for urban-architectural design of the left bank of the Sava River in 2016.  

    Otherwise, according to the „Politika“ daily, „Marera“ will need more time until it commences construction, as it will have to request amendment of the plan.

    Izvor: Seebiz/Politika

    Foto: BW promo

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