Rio Tinto: Machines are not coming to Serbia, we are not starting excavation

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    Rio Tinto: Machines are not coming to Serbia, we are not starting excavation

    At today’s press conference “Presenting evidence that Rio Tinto’s Jadar Project continues”, a recording was released, which was announced as exclusive evidence that Rio Tinto continued to develop the Jadar project in Serbia. The audio recording is another in a series of sensationalist and unfounded attacks on Rio Tinto and another attempt to politicize the project and the mining industry in the current election campaign.

    During the development of the Jadar project, in the past 20 years, the company has cooperated with all stakeholders. With the aforementioned companies Thyssen from Austria and DMT from Germany, there is a contract signed at the beginning of January, before the Government’s decision on the adoption of a decree repealing the previously adopted Spatial Plan for the implementation of the Jadar project. According to the contract, automated shaft making machines were not ordered.

    Rio Tinto points out that it respects the Government’s decision and, accordingly, it does not implement or plan any activities contrary to the current status of the project.

    For the purpose of truthful and professional informing of the public in Serbia, Rio Tinto appeals to the responsibility of all participants in the public debate.

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