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    Revision: RSD 41,000 of solidarity assistance per employee in Belgrade administration

    Councilors of the Belgrade City Assembly have adopted the city budget revision due to the decision of the Government to increase the salaries of public sector employees as of 1 November this year. Explaining the decision on 2019 budget revision, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic said that the essence of this revision was to provide funds for the payment of increased employee salaries. RSD 427 million is allocated for this purpose, i.e. 3.38 percent of the budget. Of course, in the budget for next year, which will be adopted by 30 November, in accordance with the law, funds will be provided for increased salaries of the employees. According to this revision, the total funds of the City of Belgrade amount to about RSD 134 billion, while next year’s budget will amount to a bit more than RSD 143 billion, which is the highest budget in Belgrade’s history, Vesic said. He emphasized that, in addition to the employees receiving a salary increase, it should be recalled that the City has been paying solidarity assistance of RSD 41,800 to the employees of the utility system for the second year in a row. In addition, solidarity assistance in the amount of RSD 20,000 was paid to the employees of pre-school institutions.

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