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    REHABILITATION of the Josanica spa

    The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic has opened a renovated tourist complex in Josanica spa which, as he has evaluated, established the basis for rehabilitation of the spa as a new tourist destination. So far Josanica spa had warm water, but it did not have a tourist product and an adequate tourist offer, and in a certain way it was a „black hole“ when it comes to spa tourism and tourism in Serbia, despite all the benefits that it has, Ljajic has said. He has pointed out that there are many reasons for rehabilitation of that destination, saying that Josanica spa has one of the hottest mineral water springs and its healing properties are not behind those of Vrnjacka banja or Sokobanja. „The key problem was that since 1978, when hotel that was never opened was built, a single dinar had not been invested in tourism in Josanica spa,“ Ljajic has said. As the biggest advantage of the spa he has pointed out the proximity of Kopaonik, the second largest tourist destination in Serbia, which is only 25 kilometres away from the Josanica spa.

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