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    Registration of seasonal workers via phone as well

    The Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with NALED, has presented an electronic system for registering seasonal workers in agriculture, i.e. a portal, which will secure all workers’ rights.

    It takes less than 10 minutes for the procedure of registering and deregistering workers, regardless of whether the worker is registered for one day or a month. All workers registered through this portal have the right to pension and disability insurance, as well as insurance in the event of an injury at work.

    Monthly employers’ expenditures based on taxes and contributions per seasonal worker are on average RSD6,000 (RSD300 per day), while previously they were RSD10,200.

    Employer can hire one worker for a maximum of 120 days in a calendar year.  Legal entities, entrepreneurs, as well as individuals, i.e. farmers are considered employers. Employers and workers conclude an oral contract that comes into force at the moment of registration via the online portal.

    Izvor: RTS, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay

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