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    Public calls announced: Small and medium-sized enterprises to receive RSD1.7 billion in grants

    The Ministry of Economy has announced three public calls today, based on which it will have RSD1.7 billion in grants at disposal of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    According to statement, grants of the Ministry of Economy are secured through three support programs – for development projects, beginners in business and equipment procurement.

    Public calls will remain open until available funds are spent, no later than the end of the year. Within the program of abetting entrepreneurship, through development projects in 2019 the Ministry has set aside RSD500 million for grants, for which enterprises can apply as of today.

    As explained, the program is combination of a grant that makes up to 20% of the investment, while remaining 80 percent is a favourable loan from the Development Fund.

    For the purpose of equal development of all parts of the country, the Ministry of Economy will also approve a higher stake of grants, up to 30% of the total investment, to enterprises from the most undeveloped local self-governments.

    The Ministry has secured RSD200 million in grants for beginners in business and companies in the initial phase of development.

    The program is also a combination of a grant that can account for 30% of the investment, and a favourable loan from the Fund for remaining 70 percent of the investment. According to this program, higher stake of grant will be approved for companies from undeveloped local self-governments, up to 40 percent of the total investment.

    The Ministry has secured RSD1 billion in grants for support program to small enterprises in acquiring new equipment in 2019.

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