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    Professor Mencinger on Mali’s statement that Serbia is in top 10 economies

    The statement of Sinisa Mali that Serbia in the top 10 economies in Europe is nonsense, that is, pure demagogy, claims Professor of the Economic Institute of Ljubljana, Joze Mencinger.
    „I would not expect anything similar from a minister, he still has to review some numbers, that is, he does not even have to review them because everything is obvious,“ Mencinger told Radio Free Europe (RSE).
    Professor Mencinger mentions the comparison between Slovenia, which is a member of the European Union, and Serbia as the main argument for his assessment.
    „The social product of Serbia is lower than the social product of Slovenia.
    Serbian GDP last year was about 42 billion, and Slovenia’s 45 billion. Serbia has seven million inhabitants, while Slovenia has two million.
    There is nothing more that needs to be said,“ Mencinger pointed out.

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