Production of Fiat 500L at one third of regular capacity, still no plan

Pridružite se poslovnoj zajednici od 20000 najuspešnijih i čitajte nas prvi

    Production of Fiat 500L at one third of regular capacity, still no plan

    A total of 11,000 automobiles have been produced in Kragujevac based plant Fiat Chrysler since the beginning of the year.

    This is just over a third of the usual three-month production, “Glas Sumadije” reports.

    Following a twelve-day halt, assembly and production lines at the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia have been launched this week. It will be revealed these days whether there will be more workdays in April than previously planned.

    According to plans, this month’s production of all versions of the “500L” model will last until April 18th, and until then around 4,500 automobiles should be produced in Fiat’s plant in Kragujevac. However, there are indications that there will be several more workdays in April, since Fiat, as stated at the FCA Serbia, “did well” i.e. secured additional orders at recently finished Belgrade Motor Show.

    However, besides frequent production halts that harmonize production with market demands, employees of FCA Serbia are more concerned about the fact that top management still hasn’t announced the investment plan of that company for Serbia, i.e. for Kragujevac based plant, which would also include the information about the new or yet another model.

    Izvor: Glas Šumadije

    Foto: YT/screenshot

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