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    Pizzeria in Samobor DOES NOT WANT WORKERS from Bangladesh, Pakistan and “chetniks from Nis”

    Due to hate speech and discrimination, Facebook deleted a post of the „Lock Down“ pizzeria in Samobor, which published an advertisement for the admission of workers provided they are not from Bangladesh, Pakistan or „chetniks from Nis“.

    „Obviously, normal workers have gone to Ireland, and Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Chetniks from Nis are responding to our advertisement,“ it is said, among other things, in a post that Facebook deleted.

    The post was deleted, and the pizzeria said the post was removed by the Facebook administration.

    The new post says the pizzeria is not giving up on its views and that it is likely to be forced to cut working hours.

    “Our last post was deleted by this platform, in which we wanted to put a notice that due to the lack of quality workers we will be forced to reduce working hours. We also mentioned that we did not want ‘those‘ who had recently flooded our Samobor, and they were horrible to look at! The same goes for our eastern neighbours represented and defended by Pupavac. In our opinion, it is not worth bringing these people into our neighbourhood, and time will show if we were right,“ the pizzeria said.

    This kind of the announcement of the pizzeria in Samobor caused an avalanche of comments on social networks and Croatian media.

    Index also talked to pizzeria owner Matija Fresl, who said he was behind the social media posts. “It is not a mistake,” Fresl said.

    „I am not a public service, I can hire whoever I want,“ he replied, adding that it was not a racist post.

    The office of mayor of Samobor, Petra Skrobot, condemned this form of communication and emphasized that the city in any case „condemns any form of bigotry, discrimination and hate speech“.

    However, they could not speculate about further actions, as this is a private owner of a hospitality establishment.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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