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    Overnight: Platform ticket RISES IN PRICE

    Accessing the platform of the main Belgrade bus station will cost RSD 190 in the future, instead of the previous RSD 180, and the reasons for the rise in the platform ticket price are unknown. The notification about the change of the price list was not announced; instead, the board at the help desk stating that the price of a platform ticket is RSD 180 was replaced with the one stating that the price is RSD 190. If someone travels to faraway destinations, the amount of RSD 10 does not make much of a difference. However, for those who go to work from these platforms, it definitely affects the budget. Apart from passengers, even those who come to see their loved ones off and just step on the platform and spend five to ten minutes there have to purchase a platform ticket. Before this price increase, the last time the ticket price was increased was in 2015. Until then, it amounted to RSD 160, when it was increased by RSD 20.

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