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    Only 19 pensioners with the HIGHEST PENSION

    The highest pension in Serbia is bigger than the lowest one around nine times. At the moment, only 19 pensioners can brag with the biggest pension payslip. It is paid according to the valid Law on Pension and Disability Insurance for all categories, including professional military personnel as well, for 45 years of service, and it is RSD 132,065. The list of the Pension and Disability Fund currently has 1,713,123 users, and average income for all categories and types of rights is RSD 26,335. Ever since agricultural pensions have been introduced, they are at the bottom of the list and are RSD 11,272, while the lowest pension payslip according to the valid law is for users of the category of insured persons and self-employment, and it is RSD 14,338. According to statistics of the Fund, the municipality with the lowest pensions is Malo Crnece, in an average just over EUR 100, RSD 12,938 respectively. Pensioners from Zabar follow, as their envelope is thicker by mere RSD 484. There are towns in which pension payslips are higher. Belgrade municipalities Savski venac, Stari grad, Novi Beograd and Vracar are on that list, and their total average is RSD 34,364. With RSD 33.552 residents of Novi Sad are in the second place, followed by residents of Pancevo with RSD 31,775, residents of Bor with 30,568, etc.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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