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    Officials in Nis get RSD 40,000 to „survive“ the crisis

    The Assembly Committee for Administrative Affairs has adopted the decision on the payment of RSD 40,000 to all permanently employed officials in order to overcome the energy crisis in the upcoming period.

    The Committee says that more than 20 employees will receive solidarity aid, and the opposition is urging the city to direct money to socially disadvantaged citizens of Nis.

    The decision on the payment for overcoming the negative impact and consequences of the energy crisis in the upcoming period was adopted at the session of the Administrative Affairs Committee.

    It implies the payment of solidarity assistance to city officials, that is, to all appointed and elected persons, and their number, according to Chairman of the Committee, Nikola Ilic, is more than 20.

    We do not know the exact number of people, the decision was made on the basis of an annex to a separate collective agreement. Not at the proposal of the Committee, because we only implement what is in our documents, Ilic said.

    Unlike Ilic, who does not see anything controversial in the payment of solidarity aid to city officials, councilor Miodrag Stankovic demands that the City of Nis cancel the payment of RSD 40,000 and redirect that money to the socially disadvantaged persons who need the money most.

    The citizens of Nis are in serious financial trouble, we are in the middle of an energy crisis, and I believe that the City of Nis should spend its budget sparingly and rationally, and not on settling party officials, Stankovic said.

    Committee Chairman Ilic comments on Stankovic’s views as an attempt at populism and „collecting political points“, because, as he says, all the regulations were complied with when the decision was adopted and there is nothing unacceptable.

    According to unofficial information, this assistance will also be granted to all the permanent employees of the City Administration. We asked the Financial Administration how many of them there are and we are still waiting for an answer.

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