Novi Sad-Based Company Bringing Digital Characters to Life

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    Novi Sad-Based Company Bringing Digital Characters to Life

    Would you like to see Hollywood stars repeating what you say? It might sound like science fiction, but for the Novi Sad-based company 3lateral, it’s reality. This company is the first in the world to develop the technology that enables the complete digitalisation of the human face, the N1 TV reports.

    Once captured and preserved, the human figure becomes eternal, which is a fact that revolutionized not only films and video games, but everyday lives of us all.

    Digital life, as it is called, is enabled by the fact that the all people in the world speak the same language – non-verbal communication via facial muscles. The programmers from Novi Sad mean to record each individual contraction of these muscles, which form the mathematical model of a human being.

    “Instead of these individual movements, that are quite unnatural, we recorded acting and then proceeded to extract basic letters of non-verbal communication from the recording,” says Vladimir Mastilovic, founder of 3lateral.

    This technology is a step closer to the fourth revolution – the development of artificial intelligence. The time when machines will be created in our image, they say, is not far off.

    “When that time comes, with artificial intelligence and synthesis of speech, it will be possible to completely synthesise a person’s features and manipulate what they do and say. It could be used for the good of mankind, or it could be used for nefarious purposes,” Mastilovic adds.

    The room for both good and abuse is limitless – for example, video evidence could become useless, but the people in 3lateral are convinced that humanity will adapt to new circumstances, as it has countless times before.

    While the rest of the world is preparing for a technological revolution, the film and, in particular, the video games industry have long been using the products of this Serbian company.

    If you’ve played games such as GTA 4 and 5, Battlefront or Battlefield – all the characters in those games were created right here in Novi Sad.

    Izvor: N1

    Foto: Pixabay

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