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    Novi Beograd gets new block 45 or 70: Largest development land in HALF A CENTURY

    The largest piece of development land in Novi Beograd in the past half a century will be opened by changing the purpose of the land and the demolition of the factory halls of the former IMT for investment. In order to better understand how large the land is, we should consider the fact that the space of the former industrial complex is almost equal to the area of the blocks 45 or 70 in Novi Beograd. On this occasion, a study was conducted on the potentials and capacities of construction in this area, and this document should be the basis for further preparation of a detailed zoning plan and the determination of architectural and urban parameters, reports Beobuild. An extremely demanding urban project will be a great test for our designers and the entire urban planning profession, but also an opportunity to implement modern standards for long-term sustainability. The new purpose of the land is residential areas, city centres and commercial zones. The scope of the future detailed zoning plan will cover the area of over 72 ha, which requires an elaborate traffic solution and the designing of humane residential districts for as many as 20,000 inhabitants.

    Izvor: Beobuild

    Foto: Beobuild

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