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    New sales attempt: Genex Tower at discount

    The Genex Tower, half of Belgrade’s West Gate, was announced for sale at an initial price of RSD 1.46 billion.

    The total area of 28 commercial properties is 14,943 square meters, and the properties between the 27th and 37th floors cover an area of 1,450.39 square meters. The sales unit consists of a garage with a total area of 9,023 square meters, as well as ten garage spaces with an area of 6,445 square meters.

    The sales documentation can be purchased until August 17, by paying RSD 900,000, it is stated in the advertisement of the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency.

    The deposit is RSD 834,682,073, and the public tender will be held on August 26.

    The Genex Tower is located at 43 Narodnih heroja Street in Novi Beograd and it is owned by the company for international and internal trade, hotel industry, hospitality and air transport Generalexport, which is in bankruptcy.

    The first public tender was held on May 23, and the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency declared the sale unsuccessful because there were no buyers for the price of two billion dinars.

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