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    New rules about HEALTH AND SAFETY at WORK: Fines worth millions and suspension of work

    A new Safety and Health at Work Act, which will be adopted by the end of the year, will require greater responsibility from employers, workers and the entire community, and inspectors will be required to close the construction site for at least three days due to an offence. According to her, the new Safety and Health at Work Act will impose an obligation to use a safety harness for work at height, depth and in energy facilities and this work will only be carried out by people with appropriate licences because „Serbia wants to achieve zero tolerance for injuries at work with a fatal outcome“. According to the new act, all employees, even employers, will have to complete training in the use of protective equipment, and the obligation of preparing studies on the construction site where works will last longer than three days is introduced as well. Under this new regulation, companies will need to have safety officers for high-risk and low-risk jobs, and employer will be required to send workers for a health check once in every five years. As she has stated, inspectors will be able to impose mandated fines for offences under the health and safety at work, without the right of an appeal, and the maximum fine has been increased from one million to two million dinars.

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