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    Ministry: „Putevi Srbije“ will not be divided

    Regarding media allegations that the IMF proposes division of „Putevi Srbije“ into three companies, the Ministry of Transportation announces that it is not considering division of the enterprise „Putevi Srbije“, as the goal is more efficient business operation of that public enterprise and better maintenance of the road network.

    That Ministry, as stated, is conducting reform of the road sector, and in the process of preparing concept of the reform, in addition to the elected consultant, the company Deloitte, and the World Bank, „Putevi Srbije“ and „Koridori Srbije“ participate as well.

    „The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not a participant in this process, but representatives of the IMF are informed on its results within their regular quarterly meetings,“ it is pointed out in the statement, regarding media articles that the IMF proposed division of „Putevi Srbije“ into three firms.

    According to Ministry, the unique structure of „Putevi Srbije“ is not questioned by the reform, nor is any division or establishment of new, independent enterprises planned.

    „The goal of reforming „Putevi Srbije“ within reform of the entire road sector is more efficient business operation of this enterprise, bearing in mind its leading role in road network maintenance, more than 200 kilometres of newly-built highways and close to 20 million vehicles more on highways when compared to a period of four years ago,“ the statement says.

    It is added that „Putevi Srbije“ will remain a single enterprise following reform as well, but changes will occur in organizational structure of the enterprise, „in order to establish a more efficient way of business activities, clearly defined obligations and responsibilities, systematic planning of activities and establishing conditions for the introduction of new model of contracts for road maintenance.“

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