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    Minister about the sale of PKB: There is no reason to worry

    Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic thinks that Al Dahra’s offer of 105,055 million euros for the purchase of an agricultural giant PKB is a good offer from a reliable company.

    „No one was previously interested in buying PKB. Market is the one that determines who will sign up. The buyer is obliged to keep 1,000 out of 1,700 employees, pay severance in the amount of 16 million euros and invest additional 30 million euros in the next three years,“ Nedimovic has stated.

    Although economists differently evaluate righteousness of the decision to sell PKB, particularly when it comes to possible land use conversion, the Minister of Agriculture thinks there is no reason for concern.

    „Converting agricultural into a building land is not a simple process and only agricultural land is sold here. Precisely because of that we have looked for a company in the same line of business. Us Serbs, we love conspiracy theories, but we are talking about a good company that already does business and has land in the United States, Australia and other countries. This is a serious investor when it comes to agriculture and food production,” Nedimovic has pointed out.

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