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    „Milos the Great“ increased the price of land four times, investors expressing interest

    The price of an are of land along the route of the Milos the Great highway, from Surcin to Obrenovac, has increased around four times. That is, from previous EUR 600 and EUR 800 to around EUR 3,000, the „Vecernje Novosti“ daily newspaper reports. The newspaper states that completion of the remaining 7.9 kilometres of the section to the „Surcin“ loop will create around 80 hectares of a new economic zone, for which investors are already inquiring. The Mayor of the Municipality Surcin, Stevan Susa says that local self-government does not own the land in that zone, i.e. every potential investor will have to negotiate with owners of arable land.

    Izvor: Večernje novosti

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