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    Mayor claims: GSP fleet vehicles are among YOUNGEST in Europe

    The average age of buses in the public city transport, including GSP vehicles and those of private transport companies, is 7.1 years, according to mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojicic.

    „In Europe, the average age is 11 years, and in the GSP it is 7.1 years. Between 2014 and 2019, 344 buses were purchased, and in 2019, 244 more. By the middle of next year, we will purchase 100 buses that run on gas and ten more electric ones. „Two technical inspections are conducted every year, and brakes on the buses are checked on a daily basis,“ the mayor of Belgrade said.

    As a guest on Prva TV program, Zoran Radojicic said that the Law on Road Traffic Safety regulated the conditions that bus drivers had to fulfil, but also the conditions that refer to the age of bus drivers, Beoinfo reports.

    „The rules arising from this law have to be implemented, so medical tests that drivers have to undergo are performed every three years, and when doctors deem it necessary, these examinations are conducted even more often. In the case of the latest traffic accident in Zemun, it has not yet been determined whether it occurred due to the age of the driver. In order to prevent such incidents, we should further analyse and compare the legal solutions in our country with the solutions that are implemented in similar situations in other countries. For example, in our country, a person who has not turned 24 cannot drive a bus, while in some countries in the region, that is possible at the age of 21. We can say that our laws are somewhat stricter than in the other countries in the region,“ Radojicic said.

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