Matijevic: It is better to do agribusiness in Croatia than in Serbia

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    Matijevic: It is better to do agribusiness in Croatia than in Serbia

    Petar Matijevic, the owner of the company “Matijevic”, has stated that conditions for agribusiness in Croatia are significantly better than in Serbia, primarily when it comes to state subsidies.

    “Matijevic agrar” is tilling around 30,000 hectares of agricultural land in Serbia and around 1,800 hectares in Croatia.

    Petar Matijevic has said that he would buy more land in Croatia, if it was in available for purchase.

    “If I could make a change now, and till the same area that I till in Serbia in Croatia as well, the sky would be the limit,” Matijevic stated with agricultural web portal “AgroFin.”

    According to him, although Croatia is the second to last country in the European Union when it comes to richness, in front of Bulgaria, it is still in much better position than Serbia, therefore the conditions for doing agribusiness in Croatia are much better as well.

    He has explained that every owner of agricultural land has the right for subsidies in Croatia, irrespective of the area that it is tilled, and the very subsidies are much higher than in Serbia. Thus, depending on crops, a farmer in Croatia gets from EUR300 to EUR600 per hectare, and up to EUR600 is obtained for growing sugar beets.

    “Currently, when compared to Croatia, the only labor force is cheaper in Serbia. This difference, however, is not so great that it could “cover” other benefits in Croatia. Even the land is more expensive in Serbia than in Croatia, up to two to three thousand euros per hectare,” Petar Matijevic has said.

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