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    Mali claims: We have enough money for higher pensions, salaries, minimum wages and RSD 20,000 for pensioners

    Today, Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, said that Serbia, thanks to good economic results, had enough money to increase pensions, salaries in the public sector, minimum wages, as well as to pay an additional amount of RSD 20,000 to pensioners in February next year.

    „Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we had an unexpected budget surplus of around RSD 60 billion in June and July this year. In that period, we planned a deficit of 198 billion, and at the end of the seventh month we have a deficit of 38.5 billion dinars. The result is better by about 160 billion dinars, i.e. one billion and 300 million euros. Our revenues are better, VAT collection is better, everything is going better than planned,“ said Mali, as his cabinet announced.

    He recalled that in the first quarter of this year, the growth was 1.7 percent, and in the second quarter 13.4 percent, which makes the growth in the first half of the year about 7.5 percent.

    Mali explained that the state had chosen to share good results with the citizens.

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