Mali announces major economic benefits

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    Mali announces major economic benefits

    Serbian Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali has stated today that new measures that will speed up customs and tax procedures, facilitate business activities and improve standard of living of our citizens are being prepared.

    Mali has stated with “Happy” TV station that reforms which will abet Serbia’s further economic growth have further tax administration reform as a priority. “I do not want taxpayers to randomly visit cafes and check whether fiscal bills are being issued. We need to systematically solve that problem, as system needs to show where tax inspection should go and conduct a control.

    Tax must be paid and it is important that citizens see benefits from this, through construction of new schools, hospitals and kindergartens,” Minister has said, adding that work of the Customs Administration will be even more efficient in the following period.

    He has stated that they are preparing tax reliefs that will stimulate employment, ease the burden on businessmen and increase their liquidity, such as accelerated VAT refunds and tax cuts or contributions to earnings. “We are currently considering how much and what we can do about tax reliefs, so we will talk about that plan with the IMF in September,” Mali has said. He has also announced tax reliefs for beginners in business – exempting them from payroll taxes and contributions for compulsory social security in the first year of their business.

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