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    Kisic announces NEW MEASURES, adding: Crisis Staff is NOT RESPONSIBLE for your health

    Minister of Labour, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs, Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, has said that the Crisis Staff for the Suppression of the Infectious Disease Covid-19 is not responsible for the health of citizens, but that every citizen is responsible for himself/herself, since the state has provided protection against the coronavirus.

    „The point is that after two years of fighting the virus, everything depends on us. The crisis staff is not responsible for your health, because the state has offered healthcare to everyone who needs it. We are responsible for ourselves,“ said Kisic Tepavcevic at the press conference after the end of the session of the Crisis Staff.

    She also pointed out that in the next period there would be increased inspections in public transport, because most people did not wear masks. At the session of the Crisis Staff it was decided that covid passes in hospitality facilities would be valid from 8 pm, and that that measure would take effect as of Monday, while it would also apply to casinos.

    Kisic Tepavcevic said that it had earlier been decided that covid passes would be necessary from 10 pm, in places where there was high probability of virus transmission and where younger people gathered, and that „although limited, it had significant effects on increasing the rate of vaccination with the first dose,“ which is why it was decided that they would be valid from 8 pm.

    She added that the autumn break for primary and secondary school students would be extended, from November 8 to 12.

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