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    It has begun: TAX ADMINISTRATION checking companies, requesting BILLS FOR MONTHLY PASSES

    State-owned and private enterprises will definitely have to justify the money paid for transport of employees, the „Blic“ daily newspaper reports, stating that the Tax Administration has already engaged in inspections and controls. The newspaper reminds that, according to an opinion on the Ministry of Finance, employers are obliged to have credible accounting documents for payments to employees for arrival and departure from work, i.e. the following: bill for the purchase of a monthly pass, daily or a single ride ticket in public transport, fuel bill in case where employee is using his own vehicle, optionally a minibus, or even taxi. Even though many are sceptical about the practical implementation, the Tax Administration, in charge of controlling the bills, claims the opposite. „Our inspectors have started controls at the beginning of the month, all in line with request of the Ministry of Finance. Two to three controls have been carried out so far, and we can expect some tangible results by the end of summer,“ Ivan Paligoric of the Tax Administration says.   Certain employers have asked employees a few months ago to collect bills from public transport passes, or gasoline bills at petrol stations. Employers are not at all enthusiastic about this decision and consider it to be yet another levy. „The money for transport that so far could have been non-taxable is now being perceived as regular part of the income and will be subjected to tax, Nebojsa Atanackovic, President of the Serbian Association of Employers says.

    Izvor: Blic

    Foto: Pixabay

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