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    If necessary, the state will HELP again

    Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, has said that the state will again help the citizens and the economy with new measures, if the need arises due to the situation regarding the coronavirus.

    At the Finance Committee session, Mali said that the state would react in that case as it did in March and April – quickly and efficiently.

    „What is important for citizens and employees, the state will react again if the need arises as we reacted in March and April, quickly and efficiently,“ said Mali.

    He recalled that the support to the economy was still ongoing through guarantee funds for which the amount of two billion euros had been set aside, and that assistance to the last hoteliers was paid about ten days ago.

    According to Mali, the state will also help travel agencies by supporting the payment of part of the insurance policy.

    He pointed out that the state was monitoring the situation regarding the coronavirus, how it affected the economy, whether and when the vaccine would arrive…

    Izvor: Novosti, Tanjug

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