How To Improve Work And Communication Of Employees

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    How To Improve Work And Communication Of Employees

    The leading real estate consultancy , CBS International, part of the Cushman&Wakefield Group, presented the trends and evolution of offices in Serbia to representatives of the largest IT companies in the market, as well as trends and tendencies in the field of office design. During the conference held at the StartIt Centre, Regional Head of Office Agency Bojan Jevtic, Head of Office Agency Milica Nikolic, and Senior Project Manager at CBS International Vera Lukic, explained the current ratio between supply and demand when it comes to newly built office space, but also how the workspace can bring better communication between employees and improve their work. Jevtic believes that there will be no significant change in rental prices over the next year, and he is also convinced that demand will remain constant.

    “The current level of rents is already registering a slight growth compared to several years ago, but with constant cyclical development of the real estate market, the ratio between supply and demand is starting to dictate the trends in rental levels,” said Bojan.  “While comparing to the region, primarily Zagreb, with 3.5% vacancy rate and very limited offer, Belgrade is opening the door for new investments. Serbian market is awaiting new 135,000 square meters of modern office space currently under construction, which will come to the market by the end of 2020”- Milica emphasized.

    During the interactive part of the conference, the participants provided insight into the most important conditions and elements that must be fulfilled when it comes to a change and reorganization of business premises.

    “The biggest advantage in working with our team is that we have experience with the specifics of architecture and the dynamics of business premises, we share knowledge with the client, and even without the slightest knowledge of design, they can very easily understand what we are doing at all times. We aim to create a company’s culture through architecture, because our goal is to stimulate the work of employees and their interaction by changing the design of the environment,” said Vera.

    As a reminder, 100,000 square meters of office  space was rented in 2018, and by 2020, Belgrade will have one million square metres of newly built office space in its offer. In the capital of Serbia, the largest number of transactions still takes place in New Belgrade, but since recently, the interest of tenants is moving towards the old part of the city, especially towards Business Garden, as the only modern Class A office building in the city centre.

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    Foto: CBS International

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