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    How much did Serbian economy gain in 2021 and which company is the MOST PROFITABLE?

    The most profitable company in 2021 was Zijin Mining Serbia with a net profit of about RSD 34 billion, which is almost 13 times higher than last year, the Business Registers Agency (APR) announced.

    Successful operations were accompanied by the growth in the number of employees from 185 to 442 workers.

    The high profitability of Zijin was generated by performing the primary activity, since the company started the production and sale of copper concentrates in 2021, after testing the terrain, which enabled it to realize business revenues in the amount 37 times higher, which reached about 55 billion dinars.

    According to the net profit, the second-ranked company is the MK Group with a net profit of about RSD 26 billion, which is an almost 10-fold increase. In 2020, the company was ranked 22nd in that table.

    The MK Group is registered for the performance of activities of the holding company, i.e. to predominantly manage subsidiaries (36), so the growth in net profit is the result of more intensive financial and other activities.

    The MK Group employs 61 workers, which is nine fewer than in the previous year.

    Zijin Copper Bor advanced on the list of the most profitable companies by one position and it is ranked third, with a net profit of about RSD 23.7 billion, i.e. 2.8 times higher on an annual basis.

    Increased mining production of the company, together with the increase in the prices of copper and precious metals on the world market, influenced the intensive growth of business revenues by 71.9 percent, which were realized in the amount of about RSD 121 billion, and it is the fourth on that list. The number of employees increased by 252 workers, so 5,724 employees were engaged in 2021.

    The increase in demand for steel in 2021, with the simultaneous increase in the prices of this product have led to the company Hbis Group Serbia increasing the production volume and more than doubling business revenues, generating them in the amount of about RSD 130 billion and taking the third place.

    Hbis moved from a five-ranked lossmaker in the previous year to the sphere of profitable business with a net profit of about 23 billion dinars and it was ranked fourth, employing 4,858 workers.

    Naftna industrija Srbije (NIS), due to the recovery of oil prices on world mercantile exchanges and the revival of the economy, realized business revenues higher by 67 percent than in the previous year, in the amount of about RSD 281 billion, and it is ranked second. This led to the return of the oil company to the list of the most profitable companies in 2021, to the fifth place, with a net profit of about RSD 23 billion.

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