From now on one can launch litigation via application as well

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    From now on one can launch litigation via application as well

    The Ministry of Justice has introduced the eSUD application, which allows lawyers and citizens to launch an administrative dispute electronically, as well as to exchange all submissions with court using web application, provided that they have electronic signature, Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic has stated.

    According to statement, Minister has added that use of application is not mandatory, as it represents a pilot project that has commenced in the Administrative Court.

    “As of January the application will include commercial courts, because it is precisely those business entities that frequently use certified electronic signatures today, which are a precondition for the use of this application,” Kuburovic has said.

    The application has been launched in the Administrative Court, which is heavily burdened, as tens of thousands of cases are processed in it on annual basis and where establishment of a trial within a reasonable time is of extreme importance. Kuburovic has said that application allows parties in the procedure to use application and deliver necessary submissions to the court in timely manner, if they are not at the address of their residence or they are abroad.

    Implementation of “eSUD” applications allows parties to attend court only in case of a hearing.

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