Footwear factory in Svrljig, workers are satisfied with salary and conditions

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    Footwear factory in Svrljig, workers are satisfied with salary and conditions

    After several months of preparation, a new factory of an Italian investor was officially opened in Svrljig, in which parts of shoes will be produced for the European Union market.

    The factory Euroconfort Jug currently employs about 40 people, and by the end of next year, more than 100 locals from Svrljig will work in this company.

    Considering our local circumstances, we are satisfied with both working conditions and salary, as well as with how we are treated. Finally, we have the opportunity to work in the place where we live, not far from home, so our costs are lower, and, therefore, we can save some of the salary, says one of the employees.

    Namely, the factory itself was opened owing to the support of the Development Agency of Serbia, and the subsidy paid to the investor per employed worker is about 4,700 euros.

    Director of the factory Marko Marinjago says that currently, as far as investments are concerned, they have finalized half of the business deal in Svrljig. We plan to invest 400,000 euros and employ more than 100 workers from Svrljig by the end of 2020, said Marinjago.

    This company was founded in 2014, and, together with its production plant in Belgrade, it produces about 3,500 pairs of shoes a day, which are mainly exported to the European Union countries.

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