Finns purchasing former Serbian giant

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    Finns purchasing former Serbian giant

    Finish company Afarak has announced that it will purchase the most significant facilities of Kraljevo based “Magnohrom”, plant for production of fireproof materials and “Sumadija” and “Magnezit” mines with exploitation and separation units.

    Finns are already leasing these facilities and they have offered one million euros and it is presumed that, along with plant and mines, they will also takeover main office building in Kraljevo, as well as properties at the territory of Kraljevo, Cacak, Cajetina and Gornji Milanovac. Two months ago there were no interested buyers on public bidding for this part of “Magnohrom” (initial price was RSD275 million).

    Back then Belgrade based company “Nelt” purchased Magnohrom’s plant for production of electro-thermic products FETP for RSD98 million, while enterprise “Malbeks WBI”, also based in Belgrade, purchased SVO-TVO plant for RSD13.5 million.

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