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    Fiat stopped production before the deadline

    This year’s production in the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was finished on Thursday, almost a month before the deadline.

    The lines were halted almost a month before the deadline, since it was recently announced that the production of the model 500L in 2018 would last until 19 December. Since the beginning of the year until now, nearly 60000 cars were produced in Kragujevac, which is more than 10000 vehicles fewer than last year.

    The employees in Fiat were surprised by the unannounced decision on the completion of production.   In particular because, as it has been found out, they were not told when to return to the factory.

    The factory’s trade union „Nezavisnost“ assumes, however, that the production lines will be relaunched in the middle of January, that is, after the New Year and Christmas holidays.

    Fiat’s production workers will, because of the premature halt of production, have a new 20-day holiday, which will be paid to them as if they had been working regularly.

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