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    Farmer from Zrenjanin spills two and a half tons of milk

    Farmer Jugoslav Tomic from Stajicevo near Zrenjanin spilled two and a half tons of cow’s milk, because, as he stated, he had no one to sell it to, since no dairy was interested.

    Tomic told the Autonomija portal that he would be forced to start slaughtering cattle, because he produced two and a half tons of raw milk a day, but he had no one to sell it to.

    „A down payment was received for 30 head of cattle that will go to the slaughter house on Monday, no later than Tuesday,“ said Tomic, who founded the farm in 2005 and today has 300 head of cattle, of which 150 are dairy cows.

    He stated that they wanted to donate milk, but that this was not possible, since the law did not allow donating raw milk.

    „In order to give it away, we would have to pasteurize it first, which is an additional cost,“ Tomic explained, specifying that in the last seven years they had produced one million liters of milk a year.

    When asked how much money he had invested, he said “a lot, but money does not matter.”

    „How am I supposed to raise my three children? My wife and I invested everything into this. I never imagined this would happen. No one has wanted to buy milk for the last two months. If the state does not do anything in due course, we will have to shut it down. We have no other choice,“ Tomic said.

    The Autonomija portal obtained a five-minute video showing Jugoslav Tomic letting fresh milk from a tank with a capacity of two and a half tons drain into the sewer, explaining that he had to do it, because no dairy he called wanted to buy it, and he had to continue to milk cows and had nowhere to store additional fresh milk.

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