Energy expert for BIZLife: Will Russia suspend gas in Europe?

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    Energy expert for BIZLife: Will Russia suspend gas in Europe?

    Serbia will not face problems when it comes to supplies with Russian gas in the upcoming period due to current events in Ukraine, because we are “on the route of TurkStream,” and our petroleum industry is mostly owned by Russian companies, says energy expert Milos Zdravkovic.

    He told BIZLife that he believed that the crisis in Ukraine was short-lived and that it would end soon, because it was still clear to everyone that energy was the biggest business in the world.

    He pointed out that it was clear that there were no alternatives in Europe and that gas supplies from Russia could not be avoided.

    “Both Europe and Russia are interconnected and it is in Europe’s interest to buy energy products from Russia and sell them to Russia,” said Zdravkovic, adding that in the meantime Russia has a better negotiating position than ten years ago because it built terminals and mastered the technologies of the extraction of petroleum and gas from ice or sea depths and it diversified sales directions.

    When it comes to the fact that Serbia will be paying the gas price of 270 dollars for 1,000 cubic meters of gas until June this year, and what can be expected after June, Zdravkovic thinks that we will probably try to achieve a longer-term contract after that.

    “The price will probably be higher, but as we are on the route of TurkStream and our petroleum industry is in the hands of Gazprom, I think we will have better positions compared to the other countries, or more favourable prices compared to, for instance, Croatia, Romania…” said the interlocutor.

    He added that only Hungary would do better than us, because it concluded a long-term contract with Gazprom before the crisis and it had large energy packages.

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